Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actron CP9185 REVIEWS

Actron CP9185 Great build quality, awesome features, fast operation!
Only had this for a day so I have not explored all options, but I've used Actron scanners for years now - they are awesome for weekend warriors. They don't have all of the functionality of the Snap-On, Matco and OEM scanners - but Actron's scanners are fast, simple and reliable. Perfect for those of us that need a scanner but can't justify spending $1500-$15,000 on the high end stuff.

I've used the full gambit of scanners, and these little orange things do about 80% of what the big boys do, for a fraction of the price.

Keep in mind that no scanner will fix the car for you, if you really don't know your way around modern electronic controls and automotive service, this will not help you. 

Actron CP9185 
Bought the CP9185 Autoscanner. Pluged it into my 2001 Tacoma and read the codes. Looked up what to do to repair the codes. Did it and then reread the codes and they were gone. Great tool to let you know what is going on with your vehicle. Gives you a chance to fix things your self, saving you big bucks. Haven't had the scanner real long and do not know how to use all the features yet, but would recommend it to anyone wanting to know what their codes are. It was very easy to use. You have to have a computer so you can print out the operations manual.

Actron CP9185 Scanner
This device is exactly as advertised.
I have used this on both cars 1999 Mitsubishi and Saturn. Some of the more advanced diagnostics my be passed the weekend DIY but a quick search on the internet and you will quickly be up to speed.

Usb cable is of a good quality, serial cable is heavy duty.
Software update is easy but takes a few minutes to do.
Internally memory is limited, you may need to download often if you use the record feature. My brother is a mechanic by trade and says that $219 my be a little expensive but the construction is durable and it will save you money on the trouble codes versus doing it at a garage.

The unit is pretty thin

Con: I would like this to be a little shorter and it would be nice with a hard case or at least a soft case with a compartment made to hold it securely. The included case is a fabric clam shell (good quality fabric and stitching)

I would recommend this only if you want advanced diagnostics.
This is not for people who just want to search and clear codes, for that I would recommend the 9135 or lesser expensive unit.

Actron CP9185 Elite VERY GOOD.
Actron CP9185 Elite Autoscanner Diagnostic Code Scanner With Live Read, Record and Playback Capability For OBDI and OBDII (Post-1996) Vehicles

This tool reqires very little training,you can pretty much use it without instructions,however you might want to upgrade the software off of the internet.I tested my Toyota truck and everything is good,I was worried about the sensors not functioning correctly.
Well I'm back and it seems everyone wants to know what is wrong with their vehicle whenever they see their instrument panel light on.I check it out and tell them what it is .Just look the code up on the internet.Simple as that ,loose gas cap ,mas air flow sensor : save some good cash. 

Actron CP9185 AutoScanner A good scanner for the money. 
I previously used an Auto Xray for pre 96 vehicles. The newer AutoXray and Actron are very comparable scanners but after calling the companies and researching I decided to go with the Actron because 1)Actron came with a usb hook up for computer link(AX needs an adapter for serial cable) 2)Liked the graph features 3)Better instructions 4)More info in the scanner on codes. Since I already had a capable scanner for the old vehicles I went with the 9185 to save a few bucks off of the 9190. The scanner did prove to be simple to use but can be hazardous if your looking at the live data while driving.

Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Awesome, a technician dream come to surface.
This is the best to come yet! I'm selling my Actronscanner CP9145 to a mechanic . With this Upgrade you'll earn the title as a techician. The Actron CP9185 has reached far beyond my expectations. I used it today for the first time, considering I was curious about the back lit display.
Pior to operating the scan tool I download the firmware update. I didn't see the back lit display when powering on. Only to view a normal display similar my Actron CP9145. Now don't get me wrong, this was a great investment & still is . However, the CP9185 Elite superceeds all earlier Actron scanners to my view. With all the features O2 monitors, temp. reading & graphing data, etc. What more can one ask for? For those that can't make the repairs themselve, knowing whats the problems are intimidates auto repair shops. I gave it a 5 star because its easy to operate, the codes are strait forward. Now remember this the CD is a must have that is included with a New CP9185 Autoscanner. I attempted to purchase one on ebay, I did'nt win the bid. Only later to know that the CD was not included. Without that no upgrade is considered & the manual is included on the CD. In conclusion, all I'm saying is simply this a must have Autoscanner. The name Elite is what it is. 

Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner VERY NICE!
Scanner works great on my 94 Lesabre. I tried a Blue Point(Snap on)OBD1/OBD2 that did not work on my Lesabre. This unit pulls the codes in seconds. Live data output is nice and provides a lot of useful info. Be aware that the USB drivers for the scanner USB cable are not found on the CD. What you have to do is load the software. Then add USB support. The software asks where to look for the drivers. It is not on the CD as would be expected. The USB drivers un zipped and loaded into the directory where the scanner software installed on your C drive.

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